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White Communion Altar Linens


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Communion Linen Set

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Communion Alter Linens

Our Communion Set and Altar Linen set is more than just ornamentation. It’s a splendid visual and these types of visuals inspire us. The focal point of the church is the altar and an important part of worship. Churchgoers Communion Alternate Linen Set empowers us to recognize the mystery of God, linking the known with the unknown. Communion Linens and their use date back to the early centuries as the altar was covered in white linen during Holy Communion. Metaphorically, the linen cloths symbolize the members of Christ, that is, the devotion and the purity of God’s Faithful. When these beautiful communion linens are artfully displayed they act as a metaphor for articulating one’s faith. Churchgoer’s specializes in eloquently detailed linens for the altar. The communion table cloth is pure white and embroidered with a white Latin cross while the plain element cover is simple yet beautiful. The Communion Alternate Linen Set fits comfortably into portable communion cases for transportation convenience.