Collection: Baptism Towels

Collection: Baptism Towels

Receive the Holy Ghost with cleansing baptism towels.

Receiving the Holy Ghost has no age limit; anyone is welcome to enter the Christian family and receive the Lord’s grace at any time. However different Christian churches solemnize this with differently nuanced ceremonies.

After being blessed with Holy Water—or having been immersed in it—drying off your head or body with a Baptism towel solemnizes the moment you accept the Christian Faith in your mind and heart. provides you with quality baptism towels exquisitely embroidered with a gold Latin cross, a symbol of both elegance and holiness.

Made from luxurious and thick white terry cloth material for added durability and sheerness, our baptism towels come in big and small sizes. More so, these excellent and consecrated towels are reasonably priced, making them a real joy to have.

They’re specifically designed to be strong and durable, making then excellent choices for your celebration and a perfect keepsake for that special event.

Receive the Lord’s blessing with our baptism towels today. Ordering is just a click away!