Collection: Custom Choir Robes

Collection: Custom Choir Robes

Custom Choir Robes for When You Really Need to Stand Out.

Extra Special occasions call for extra special choir robes.

When special seasons like Christmas, Easter, or your church’s anniversary or consecration ceremony, regular choir robes just won’t do. But getting top-quality choir vestments doesn’t have to mean spending excessively. bridges the gap between quality and affordability so you can find custom choir robes at the best price ranges.

Eight Custom Templates to Choose From

Choose from 8 different vestment templates you can customize for your choir group. Each item is made from premium fabric and rich colors to ensure maximum comfort and elegance.

Some of our custom choir robes come embroidered with stoles such as the Tempo Choir Robe and Jubilee Choir Robe.

The Harmony Choir Robe on the other hand features a beautifully embroidered Holy Cross at its left yoke. The best thing about these templates is that you can further customize them according to your chosen colors.

Design Your Robe from Scratch

If you cannot find the design that you have in mind, we will be happy to hear from you. We would to find ways for you to achieve the looks that you want for your choir. Give us a call to get connected to a Churchgoer representative or engage our live chat support.