Collection: Deacon Stoles

Collection: Deacon Stoles

Distinguish yourself as an aspiring minister of God with symbolic deacon stoles.

Following God’s calling and devoting your whole life in His service requires a lot of patience, hard work, and sacrifice. As aspiring ministers of God, wearing the right garments should be humbly observed.

Matching your liturgical attire are our Deacon Stoles that come in four different colors. They are made with top-notch quality matte fabric, making it durable and perfect for the aspiring minister of God.

Stoles are kept in place with back cords to make you comfortable while moving and are designed with an embroidered cross on the front that perfectly matches each color. 

Churchgoers’s Deacon Stoles come in a complete package, so you can do away with the hassle of purchasing each part of your attire. At Churchgoers, we got it all covered. Get your symbolic Deacon Stoles today. We’re just a click away!