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Collection: Vestments


Our Vestments, Chasubles, and Albs are more than just church clothes as they are worn as the outermost vestments worn by the officiating priest during Mass or celebrating the Eucharist. We at Churchgoers understand the significance of these holy garments while performing their consecrated duties. Look no further for an impeccable fit for your body and your spirit! We are proud to offer premium chasubles that are available in a wonderful selection of colors which include cream, red, admiralty blue, moss green, and purple. Not only are our Chasubles and Albs constructed from the highest quality materials, but can reassure you of their maximum comfort and durability. Churchgoers classic Albs are the most common type of apparel at Mass worn by lay ministers and clergy from liturgical traditions. We believe vestments are sacred. They should be reserved and blessed by the Church to invoke thoughts of goodwill and strengthen devotion in those who wear them as well as those who see them.

Churchgoers is dedicated to providing the finest religious apparel, including Choir, Clergy, Confirmation, Vestments, Baptism, and accessories while maintaining extraordinary value and celestial customer service! Whatever your vestment needs may be we are here to assist you. Churchgoers’ online shopping is easier than ever with our easy-to-follow buying process.