Collection: Choir Surplices & Cottas

Collection: Choir Surplices & Cottas

If you're looking for a square or rounded or square neckline surplice or cotta that would look great worn over your choir cassock, you've found it. Our open sleeves are rounded at the end and all the tailoring will look perfect over your cassock. Our choral surplices are handmade and tailored in our high quality matte fabric.  You'll save money and time by purchasing your Churchgoers surplices.

Choir surplices and cottas are essential pieces of attire for choir members in many churches worldwide. These liturgical vestments, traditionally worn over street clothes, serve as symbols of the choir's unity and dedication to the service of God. While it is possible to purchase these vestments from commercial suppliers, there is an increasing trend of churches purchasing them from churchgoers or members of the congregation who make them by hand. This essay explores the importance of purchasing choir surplices and cottas from churchgoers.

Supporting Local Talent and Communities:

Purchasing choir surplices and cottas from churchgoers allows churches to support local talent and communities. Many churchgoers possess unique talents and skills, including sewing and embroidery, which they can use to create high-quality choir vestments. By purchasing these vestments from churchgoers, churches can support local artisans, create employment opportunities, and help build stronger communities.

Moreover, purchasing choir surplices and cottas from churchgoers fosters a sense of community within the church. When choir members wear vestments made by fellow churchgoers, they feel a deeper sense of connection to the congregation and the church as a whole. They feel that they are part of a community that supports and cares for each other, which can enhance their spiritual experiences and strengthen their faith.

Ensuring Quality and Customization:

Purchasing choir surplices and cottas from churchgoers also ensures that the vestments are of high quality and customized to the church's specific needs. Commercially available vestments are often mass-produced and may not be tailored to the specific requirements of the church or choir. In contrast, vestments made by churchgoers are often made to measure, ensuring that they fit choir members perfectly and are comfortable to wear during long services.

Additionally, churchgoers who create choir vestments often have a deep understanding of liturgical traditions and symbolism. They can create vestments that are meaningful and relevant to the church's specific religious practices. For example, they may incorporate specific religious symbols or colors into the vestments, which can enhance the church's worship experience.

Preserving Traditional Craftsmanship:

Purchasing choir surplices and cottas from churchgoers also helps preserve traditional craftsmanship. In many cultures, the art of sewing and embroidery has been passed down from generation to generation, and vestments made by hand are imbued with a sense of history and tradition. By purchasing vestments made by churchgoers, churches can help preserve these traditional crafts and ensure that they continue to be passed down to future generations.

Furthermore, vestments made by churchgoers often incorporate traditional stitching and embroidery techniques that are not found in commercially available vestments. For example, they may use techniques such as smocking or needle lace to create intricate designs and patterns. These traditional techniques add an extra layer of meaning and beauty to the vestments and can enhance the church's liturgical experience.

Supporting Sustainable Practices:

Purchasing choir surplices and cottas from churchgoers can also support sustainable practices. Commercially produced vestments are often made using synthetic materials, which can be harmful to the environment. In contrast, vestments made by churchgoers are often made using natural materials such as cotton or linen, which are more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Moreover, purchasing vestments from churchgoers reduces the carbon footprint associated with shipping and transportation. Local production and consumption of vestments reduce the need for long-distance transportation, which can help lower greenhouse gas emissions and support sustainable practices.


In conclusion, purchasing choir surplices and cottas from churchgoers offers numerous benefits to churches and their congregations. It supports local talent and communities, ensures quality and customization, preserves traditional craftsmanship