Collection: Baptism Stoles

Collection: Baptism Stoles

Celebrate your Christening with Embroidered Baptism Stoles.

Across the entire Christian world, baptisms are celebrated at almost any age–some at infancy, others at a much older age, but what’s worth celebrating really is how every member accepts the Lord and is welcomed into Christendom.

For such a joyous moment as this, has prepared an exquisitely embroidered baptism stole that accentuates your baptism robe for the event. It amplifies your renewed and strengthened faith in Christianity.

In Christian tradition, baptism stoles are worn by people who are baptized at an older age. wants to retain that solemnity by offering baptism stole designs that are not only simple and clean, but are of quality and elegance such these stoles that feature the universal symbol of Christendom—the Holy Cross.

We understand how families like keeping memories of special events intact. As such, we see to it that materials used in making these stoles are high class to become long-term keepsakes.

At, you can rejoice with our customized order for baptism stoles. Feel free to explore our virtual storefront and call us if you need help. We are just a click and call away!