Collection: Choir Stoles

Collection: Choir Stoles

Choir Stoles Made for Distinction.

Aside from being used in Graduations, Stoles are also a symbol religious service. The choir for one wears stoles to differentiate themselves from the clergy. It is being in the spirit of service that the choir is able to spread the message of the liturgy through songs. Here at Churchgoers, we are aware of the importance that the choir has in worship. seeks to provide choir members with the best quality stoles at affordable price ranges that you cannot find in other retailers. We have 17 different colors and shades to compliment your existing choir vestments.

Our stoles are reversible to give subtle yet noticeable variations in your choir stoles. We designed our stoles to accentuate your choir garments without being obtrusive at the same time. Most of our choir stoles are embroidered with the Holy Cross to symbolize the choir’s sincere faith and praise to the Lord.

We also have a wide array of customizable robes and cassocks should you wish to create a new and unique set of choir vestment.

At Churchgoers, we want to help choir members create the solemn and uplifting mood that makes a service conducive for worship. That is why we make quality products at the most reasonable prices.

We would love to hear from you to make your shopping experience the best as it can be. Our customer service hotline will connect you directly to Churchgoers so you can be assisted in every way we can. Feel free to give us a call, we will be happy to answer your queries.