Shining the Spotlight on Famous Biblical Fathers

Last month, we featured some well-known maternal figures from the Bible to commemorate Mother’s Day. This month, we're turning the spotlight on to the famous fathers in the Bible, just in time for Father’s Day. Biblical fathers are central figures for many stories in Scripture, and there is a definite emphasis on their wisdom, faith, and fatherhood, that sets an example for other men. To celebrate the coming of Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June, here are some important paternal icons from the Bible to inspire all the dads out there.


The first father wasn’t exactly perfect—and nor was the first mother, for that matter—but you got to give credit to Adam for spreading the seeds of humanity and redeeming himself in the eyes of God.


There was a reason why God chose a committed family man like Noah to be spared from His tempestuous wrath, and He was right in His decision. Noah persevered in the task that was set out for him and gave hope for his family during the flood that wiped out the planet.


Hailed as the father of an entire nation, it's no surprise that Abraham is a prominent father figure in the Bible. Despite struggling with the tremendously difficult tests God had thrown upon him, Abraham put faith in His power and proved that he was able to succeed even when the going got rough for him.


While he did have two biological sons, Moses was best remembered as a father figure to the enslaved Hebrews under Egyptian rule. Tasked by God to bring salvation to his people and deliver them to the Promised Land, Moses stepped up to the task and showed that even the most challenging obstacles can be conquered when one puts his faith in the Almighty.


While he may not have fathered Jesus, Joseph was nevertheless an important figure in Christ’s life. Possessing the admirable qualities of humility and a strong work ethic, Joseph took great measures to ensure a decent living for his wife and child, doing his best to keep them safe from harm. It helped that Joseph was the one who taught Jesus the noble art of carpentry, as well.

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