The Sacred Maternal: Well-Known Mothers from the Bible

Mother’s Day has come and gone, and it’s always a pleasure to see mothers everywhere being appreciated by their kids and spouses. Not only is it a wonderful opportunity to let moms know that their hard work and sacrifices for their families are being acknowledged, it also highlights the importance of motherhood and how it is essential to our continually evolving society.

As such, we would like to shine the spotlight on some famous mothers from the Bible to serve as a guiding inspiration for all the mothers out there who are raising their children with good morals and a firm belief in their faith.



The first woman and the first mother on Earth in the Christian faith, Eve holds a very important distinction in the Bible as she was instrumental in fulfilling God’s plans to populate the world He created with humanity. While she may often be painted in a negative light due to her committing original sin, Eve is nevertheless considered one of the Bible’s most recognizable maternal figures.



Wife of Abraham and viewed as the mother of Israel, Sarah is another compelling mother in the Bible. Faithful and a devoted partner to her husband, Sarah’s only heartbreak was the fact that she was found to be infertile. But instead of cursing God for this one misfortune, her faith in God only strengthened. And so it was that through divine intervention, Sarah was finally able to carry children.



Perhaps one of the more underrated mothers in the Bible, Jochebed is known to carry out one of the toughest sacrifices for any mother and serves as an inspiration to mothers everywhere. She famously placed a then-infant Moses inside a basket and set him adrift on the Nile River in order to protect him from the murderous clutches of the Egyptian army.



Perhaps the most recognizable mother in the Bible, the mother of Jesus Christ is definitely the greatest example of motherhood. Mary holds the distinction of being a virgin and blessed by God through Immaculate Conception. She is also a key figure throughout Jesus’ adult life and continued to be His fiercest supporter even after His death and eventual resurrection.

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