Vestments During Easter

Lenten season ends when Easter begins. You may already know this, but liturgical colors of vestments change every time seasons transition. Easter is no different, as the attire of ministers will have to change as well into something different. With regards to the color scheme specifically, it’s really quite noticeable.

In a lot of cases, we’ve been introduced to this change in general, stemming from our observation of how often ministers switch vestments up. In the case of Easter, gold or white is usually the color of church apparel worn by priests and members of the clergy. It represents renewal in a lot of aspects in our Christian lives and the color of the vestments embodies such renewal.

It is a way of symbolizing victory against death and sin, due Christ resurrecting on the third day to fulfill his father’s will. For another thing, the colors gold and white grant us that sense of hope in every aspect of our Christian lives. This would have to hold true in a very profound fashion.

The importance of Easter’s liturgical colors has since been stressed out for centuries on end. It brings the faithful and those who have fallen back to the fold, teaching them that redemption and renewal is indeed possible. As such, the concept is a way to understand how God’s love works and how the Holy Spirit brings about its powers of making us whole again.

Whenever we see Easter colors, we are reminded of the significance of being pure and we’re driven to strive to be much closer to the divine and the immaculate. These reasons are exactly why priests wear such colors. That is why we should take them into account, as they are essential in every way.

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