Different Types of Vestments

The term “vestment” is used to describe special clothing that is worn by the people who are head of the religious community and conduct the worship service. Common types of vestments include:

  • Robes
  • Surplices
  • Albs
  • Cassocks
  • Chasubles

Vestments are used almost universally, although in many modern denominations only the choir actually wears vestments.

Why are Vestments Worn?

Vestments, though evolved, have their origins in the ordinary clothing of the first century. Today, vestments are worn over street clothes and are used to serve a number of practical purposes:

  • Vestments conceal the distractions of modern street clothing
  • Vestments remove the need to define “appropriate attire” for ministers
  • Vestments are meant to remind the congregation that the ministers who are performing the service are not acting on their own, but are performing in their official capacities

Clergy Robes

Clergy robes are a special form of vestment that marks clergy who have not attained a doctorate degree or who choose not to wear their doctoral robes. These clergy robes are essentially a modified form of the graduation baccalaureate robe. This is likely due to the fact that graduation robes have evolved from a similar type of robe over time. Clergy robes are also very similar to judicial robes, though they often feature a built-in stole and/or a wide stripe running down both sides of the front. These decorative stripes are often adorned with religious symbols.

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