Spring Forward: Three Awesome Things You Can Do After Lent

The season of Christ’s resurrection is the perfect time to do a little personal reinvention of your own. There are several ways you can spruce up the rest of your free time this spring with a few activities that will enrich your mind, body, and soul. Not only will the following ideas help shape your personal growth, but it will also give you an opportunity to give back to the community. And when it comes down to it, such acts are something that Jesus Himself would strongly approve. 

Enroll in a supplementary class

Just because you’re done with school doesn’t mean you should stop learning something new every day. Many grown adults are going back to school or taking up special weekly courses in order to learn something they’re interested in. If you have ever thought about wanting to speak in a different language or focusing on improving your cooking skills, now is the perfect time to go back to the classroom and broaden your mind to new and exciting possibilities. The other positive bonus you’ll be getting out of this is that you’ll get to meet like-minded individuals whom you’ll potentially become friends with during the entirety of your extracurricular classes.

Host a massive garage sale

Springtime means spring cleaning, and that ultimately leads to clearing out plenty of stuff in your home that you don’t need any more but that others might still use. Take advantage of this opportunity by gathering everything you want gone after undertaking a thorough job of cleaning your house and sell the items in a garage sale. People are always looking for a good deal on stuff regardless if they are secondhand goods. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. However, if you feel that you don’t need the extra cash from all the spring cleaning leftovers you collected, you could always donate them to a charity house.

Do volunteer work in your community

Put your best foot forward and give back to your community by doing some volunteer work. It is one thing to give your hard-earned money to charity, but it’s another thing entirely to commit your time and presence to a worthy social cause. It’s ideal that you should volunteer for a cause that’s close to your heart so you may be able to work in an environment you can connect with on an emotional level. So if you’re great with kids, why not help out at a nearby orphanage? Or if you happen to be an excellent event planner, you could put your skills to good use by volunteering to organize your church’s fundraiser. Take the initiative and show others that you have what it takes to make a lasting impact.

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