Restore Your Faith in Cinema With 3 Biblical Epic Films for 2014

Just because the frenetic awards season is finally over doesn't mean that dedicated film enthusiasts still can't get their movie fix. After a previous year where movies tackled the themes of survival ("Gravity", "Captain Phillips", "12 Years A Slave"), personal tragedy ("Blue Jasmine", "Philomena", "Dallas Buyers Club") and the shameless excess and greed of modern society ("Nebraska", "American Hustle", "The Wolf of Wall Street"), the new year brings a plethora of both new and classic stories to tell for audiences. In fact, there's an apparent cinematic theme already beginning to resurface on silver screens across the world for this year, and that is the historic Biblical epic.

While such films may often court controversy as with previous films that dealt with the subject of the Bible, they have nevertheless proved to be visual works worth watching especially for the millions of faithful people around the world who are interested to see such iconic characters of a sacred book come to life on a big movie screen. For 2014, no less than three Biblical epic films will come to tell three distinctly different stories of three well-known figures from the Bible and will hopefully get the seal of approval from religiously devout moviegoers everywhere.

First on the list is another retelling of the story of Jesus Christ (portrayed by Portuguese actor, Diogo Morgado) in the aptly titled, “Son of God”, which is a standalone film based on the critically-acclaimed TV miniseries, “The Bible” and is already out in theaters since its world premiere on February 28. See the trailer below for more details!

The second epic to grace movie theaters this year revolves around the story of the man who built the Ark and the extraordinary flood that followed after its creation. Directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring an ensemble cast of award-winning actors that includes Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly, and Russell Crowe in the titular lead role, “Noah” arrives with the full-force of a tsunami wave on March 28. Watch the trailer below to find out more about this gripping film!

Closing the year and arriving during the holiday season is a modern-day retelling of Moses and his grand mission to bring his enslaved brethren out of Egypt and into the Promised Land as pre-ordained by God.

Christian Bale stars as the savior of the Hebrews and is backed by a supporting cast that include the likes of heavyweight veteran actors such as Ben Kingsley and Sigourney Weaver. “Exodus” is expected for release on December 12. No trailer has been released as of press time, but to give you a visual teaser of what you can expect, here's the first officially released image of Christian Bale as Moses featured below.

With these three Biblical epics to look forward this year, it’s definitely time for you to get in touch with your spirituality and be inspired to live out 2014 with the stories of Noah, Moses, and our Lord Savior, Jesus Christ.

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