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Origin of Choir Robes

Posted by Churchgoers on

Students, teachers, and office workers have a uniform to be worn daily. This is to let others identify them easily among the crowd, which is probably helpful so that we can easily ask them help whenever we come across them in time of need. This is applicable most of the time to other institutions that observe dress codes.

What about the Church? Yes, it too has its own dress code to follow. Look at the priests and pastors in their white, flowing garments, paired with a beautiful choir donning uniformed robes during services!

It seems natural to us to see choirs on robes matching the color of the occasion, but it never comes across our minds how it all started. Since the day we were born, the choir at church has been wearing robes!

Do you know that it all started in ancient Egypt? Yes, it has been practiced a long time ago. Through the years, denominations were sprouting, but along with that are choirs that render beautiful music to God. The only difference choirs have with each other will be the robes they get to wear and the songs they get to sing on services.

Do you want to learn about how time has changed the choirs at the church? Do you want to see how the robes have changed according to time? Brace yourself to the different styles a robe could get (they have fashion sense too, you know!). Let’s travel back through time and discover how robe fashion has evolved up to the modern times!

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