Great Holiday Destinations to Travel for Easter 2019

Moveable feasts such as Easter are often advantageous to most people because it allows them to give an early head start to their summer vacation plans—even if Easter falls largely during the Spring season.

Seasonal semantics aside, Easter is a great time for friends and families around the world to bond and celebrate life via the spirit of travel, as well as giving praise and thanks to the Lord Almighty. So if you’re like the Easter Bunny looking to hop to a brand new vacation location for this year’s Holy holiday, here are some great destination suggestions for you to consider.

Mediterranean Easter

One of the great things about visiting the Mediterranean is that many countries that comprise this Afro-European region are predominantly Christian, which means that you can certainly celebrate your Easter holiday in any of the Mediterranean nations. Another great perk is the fact that the Mediterranean coastline is a prime vacation destination, and Easter signals the early-bird call to all beach lovers everywhere to bask in the pristine shores and azure seas while enjoying plenty of sunshine. Greece, Spain, France, and Italy offer a wide variety of options for you in this regard, and don’t forget: these places are just as famous for their churches as they are with their beaches!

Tropical Island Easter

When you’re down for a long-haul Easter getaway that involves tropical beaches in a far-flung exotic location, then you have several places in the world at your choosing. In fact, depending on where you go, booking a vacation on a tropical island somewhere can be to your travel advantage. Consider the Caribbean Islands, where thousands of people flock to their shores on an annual basis. But did you know that Easter in the Caribbean is actually the end of the peak tourist season? Yes, that’s right! Should you want wide swaths of white sand beaches without the hassle of large crowds, you can do no wrong by flying off to the Caribbean during Easter. Other exciting and isolated options you might want to try would be the cluster of islands off the coast of Thailand, or any of the quiet and unspoiled isles of the Philippines—Asia’s predominantly Catholic country that happens to celebrate Easter with a devoted passion.

Homegrown Easter

If you’re looking for some local American flavor to spice up your Easter holiday plans, the whole of the United States has got plenty to offer for the intrepid traveling Christian on vacation. Springtime in the USA heralds a new awakening for certain regions who are shaking off the winter doldrums, and one of the best ways to see the country is by going on a classic cross-country road trip. You can either choose to drive through the southern states, enjoy the sights of the Midwest, or head to the West Coast to marvel at the panoramic views of the Pacific Coast Highway. Naturally, an Easter holiday road trip with friends or family wouldn’t be complete without the requisite pit stops to all the amazing churches and cathedrals scattered all over the United States.

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