A Comparison of Priestly Vestments

Liturgical celebration entails the priest to wear their prescribed garments to go on with the mass. They wear long flowing robes that reach their feet. The widely known Christian Church is the Western Church which the Roman Catholics and Protestants belong to. They form 80% of the total population under Christianity. Wait there is more! There is also what we call as the Eastern Church formed by those under the Orthodox group. Priests on this side of the church wear long beards and hoods. Have you identified one lately?

There is a wide difference between the Eastern and Western churches. Although the churches may seem the same because of its grand structure and architecture, yet the priest who belongs to either of these churches differ in the way they preach the gospel and share it to the community. Have you not observed how their garments are not likely the same? We may be under the same circle but not on the same line I suppose. In total comparison, the Western church has more liturgical garments worn on different occasions compared to the Eastern Church. This goes to show that they have a variety to choose from in the different events they come to celebrate during the cycle of the calendar they are following.

Do want to learn more on the different liturgical garments they get to mix and match? They have fashion sense too you know! We even got the practice of using robes for graduation because of these priests. The array of liturgical garments is according to different purposes and of different usage too. There is so much in store for you! It is best to know these types of things after all; you are part of these celebrations of the church too. To learn more, check this out!


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