10 Lesser Known Facts About Jesus

Religion plays a big factor in the formation of culture and values being instilled in nations and families. One of the very first religion introduce to mankind is Christianity. Jesus is the son of God who came to Earth to save mankind from sin. He has to suffer and die on the cross just to give us salvation from the troubles we did in the world. He was always believed to be the only son of Mary and Joseph born in a stable along with the animals on the 25th of December but do you know that there is a twist to this timeless story?

Ever since kindergarten, we are already exposed with religion. Since Christianity has been much known all around the world, the schools that were built were according to the teachings of the church. Jesus was then introduced to kids the moment they learn how to make the sign of the cross. His stories ground into the lectures about the Kingdom of God and remind the people of His time to change and turn away from sin. But there are facts left undiscovered! Do you know that Jesus’ hair is not really a shoulder wavy hair length type? I bet you do not! These facts were actually overlooked by many.

You may find it very interesting to learn more things about Jesus and how the Islamic culture sees Him to be in their religion. Yes! He is part of the Quran. Were you surprised? Well there’s more in store for you! This may sound a bit odd because these facts are likely to burn along during the times when Christians were persecuted but at least someone tried to uncover such. Read along and be amazed of the 10 unknown facts about Jesus and His lifestyle in the past.

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