Are Modern Spins in Church Vestments Appropriate?

The Second Vatican Council spelled deliberate change in a lot of aspects not only within the Roman Catholic Church, but also among some protestant denominations such as Anglican or Episcopalian Churches. It also affected much of how tradition had been preserved when it comes to vestments worn by priests and other members of the clergy.

Although this may be something positive for a lot of churchgoers—since Churches are embracing more modern customs—could it be that such approach affects a person’s devotion to the faith? Let’s face it: people would rather dive into pop culture instead of tradition, and that is why some groups tend to innovate with the look of vestments, as below:

By incorporating current trends in church vestments, they’d be more enticed into going to a more up-to-date denomination because it fits their preferences!

But then, you can’t really deny the beauty of traditional vestments, especially those used before Vatican II. They have that mystical allure which draws believers in, just by being looked at and reflected upon. While some may not be into this, others may be tired of modernity and wish to go back to the exquisiteness of the past. Take a look at this example:

Traditionalists would argue that the look of newer vestments simply draw believers in a superficial sense just because they look “hip” or “fun.” Those leaning on the more modern side, however, would assert that vestments need to catch up with the times. We’re guessing that it’s really up to one’s choice. Plus, does it actually follow that the faith of devotees would be affected negatively simply because they don’t like the vestments they see? It does make you wonder.

In the end, as long as the core purpose of vestments is there, then we really don’t need to worry about anything. We may have whatever suits our eyes, but then, it’s best that we won’t miss the point—that clerical garbs are only part of those which allow us to live the good life as Christians.

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