Methodist Pulpit Robes and Their Significance

As a person who goes to church regardless of what religious tradition you are in, I am positive that you have already seen your clergy, priest or bishop wearing a robe. Those individuals whose job is to lead a ecclesiastical liturgy and spread the words of the Lord are considered Pulpit. And most commonly, a lot of the pulpit members wear Methodist pulpit robes.

What you ever asked yourself about the significance of the robes that the bishops, priests and clergymen wear during a religious celebration?

Based on the Holy Book of the Christians, there are five robes that are of great significance and signify the importance of wearing robes for church. These robes are the torn robe of sorrow, the long robe of pretension, the scarlet robe of mockery, the best robe of righteousness, and the white robe of the redeemed. These robes paved way to the different kinds of robes that are used by religious leaders and members at the present time.

Talking about the robes that priests wear, one may notice that there are a number of robes that they could actually wear during a religious celebration and the robes include the Methodist pulpit robes. Bishops, priests and clergies need to wear particular set of vestments during the celebration of Mass. For instance, one may see priests and bishops wearing an alb which is the white robe that they put under their other vestments and over their street clothes. Another common robe that priests and bishops wear is the cassock. The cassock is a black robe that is considered the priest’s outfit in a Catholic country. It is also the religious version of a man’s suit jacket.

The robe basically signifies the office or the place where bishops and priests work. It also signifies that the one wearing it has a sacred responsibility. Just like other professionals who wear their uniforms, priests also wear robes. Other religions identify themselves through the robes that they use. Most Benedictine monks wear black robes, Dominicans wear a white robe, Franciscans may wear brown or black robes and Cisterians wear white robe.

Priests and Bishops also wear robes of varied colors during different religious celebrations since each of the robe’s colors should only be used during a particular liturgical season. Priests wear a white robe during the feast days and other celebrations. The white robe symbolizes the color of celebration and it represents purity, innocence, joy and victory. The red robe symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Aside from that, it is also a symbol of sacrifice, zeal and charity. A red robe is also used since it is a representation of blood and fire. Green robes are used during the beginning of a new church year. The green robe is a manifestation of growth, fidelity and hope.

In contrast to the other robe colors, violet or purple robes are used during Lent and Advent. Since violet or purple robes signify penitence and sorrow, most commonly they are used during the time Lent. Lastly, the black robes represent despair, death and mourning. Priests only wear black robes during Good Friday, All Soul’s Day, and funerals.

Among the vestments that the bishops and priests wear during the celebration of Mass, Methodist pulpit robes also signify great importance why they are considered part of the sacred liturgical vestments. One just have to know that all of the vestments that priests wear including the robes are sacred and are of great value to religion.

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