Church Paraments and Banners: Perfect Adornments

Have you noticed that most of the churches these days make use of different church paraments and banners as ornaments and embellishments during the celebration of the Holy Mass?

The real significance of using these church paraments and banners is not only for the beautification of the church’s physical appearance but more on the essence of the feast or the season being commemorated during the mass. The paraments and banners both signify what liturgical season is celebrated. That is why many of the church’s staff would really exert effort on meeting desires on church paraments patterns.

What are paraments and banners?

Paraments basically are used as adornments for the altar or main reading desk, as well as in the communion table. The paraments not only add beauty to the church’s physical environment but the color of the paraments give knowledge to the worshippers on what isbeing celebrated during the mass.

Paraments are part of the liturgical vestments that are essential to the celebration of the essence of a mass. The colors used on its material are indications on what Church season is being commemorated. Each of the paraments’ colors intensifies the solemnity of the congregation. The church paraments and banners both symbolize what season or type of mass is celebrated during a religious affair.

Nowadays, the colors of the paraments are chosen to herald the changing seasons of the church year: Purples, grays and blues are used for preparatory or penitential times, such as Advent or Lent. White and gold paraments are used for joyous events, like Easter and Christmas. Flame red is used for occasions relating to the Holy Spirit, such as Pentecost or ordinations, as well as Holy Week or commemoration of Christian martyrs.

The paraments are not just ornamental pieces of cloth that cover the tables and are decorated on the walls, altars and other areas of the church.  Actually, the parament is more than a decoration. The paraments serve as a symbolic proclamation of the faith and open a visual dimension to worship and the worshippers.

Aside from paraments, banners are also used in many Churches. In the past, banners are only mainly used for processions both inside and outside the church building. However, over the years, the emphasis on the use of banners has changed. These days, banners are now used as permanent or transient display on the walls and pillars of churches and other places of worship.

The church paraments and banners that one sees in different churches while he/she is attending a mass do not only serve as mere decorations, adornments and embellishments. These things signify the liturgical season of the celebration and they also imply what type of mass is being offered for worship. More than the physical look of the church, the desire of the worshippers to praise God during the congregation is the one that is of greatest importance. has a wide selection of different church apparel and paraments that are available for shipping. They are the number one online provider of religious apparel, check out their website now!

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