Giving Thanks during the Fourth of July

Independence Day is indeed a time to be thankful. Image source:

Patriotism is a common theme in celebrating America’s independence. As such, many citizens commemorate the day with glee and enjoyment.

Now, the Fourth of July is great for parties and gatherings, but below are a few things which we ought to keep and mind and be thankful about.


1. Soldiers and veterans 

Regardless of what your views on war and conflict are, we cannot deny the bravery and determination of the men and women who fought in conflicts way back when. They’ve given us peace and order and are the reason why we are safe in our homes and our neighborhood as a whole.

2. The unsung heroes

Centuries ago, there were those who held that belief rooted in the idea of liberty. Though they may not be as well-known as certain historical figures in the nation’s history, they truly deserve our thanks as we are currently enjoying the fruits of their labor.

3. The founding fathers

If not for the fathers, the country wouldn't be as we know it, as its entirety had been colonized by many different nations. The fathers united states despite the differences in dialects, culture, and many other aspects.

4. The freedom we know

The reason why we're celebrating the Fourth of July is because of such freedom. Isn't that the most important aspect of all? But of course. After all, everything else would be futile if the nation wasn't granted of its liberty.


If you’re living such freedom now, you’ll know how important the Fourth is. So how are you going to celebrate Independence Day? And how are you going to show your gratitude to those who have contributed to the country’s independence? However you want to celebrate, always remember to be grateful of the liberty we know.

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