Easter: A Time of Renewal

Easter. We always associate it with bunnies and eggs. During such time, we celebrate it by conducting egg hunts and a variety of activities. But why exactly are we celebrating on Easter? Why is the occasion important to us?

For starters, it is significant when it comes to our faith. The reason why we celebrate Easter is because of Christ’s triumph over death and sin. Upon the mystery of his resurrection, the entire community of devotees were also renewed in the faith. As such, it’s important to celebrate Easter as a day of solemnity.

We may have forgotten about the significance of Easter since we’ve been so preoccupied with the idea of celebration. By that, we neglect what we are celebrating about in the first place! During this season, let’s take note that the sacrifice of Christ on the cross and the resurrection on the third day still plays a vital role in our lives as Christians.

Easter Sunday, for many of the faithful, is an important day of obligation, where they are to go to church and fulfill their duties as members of the Christian community. For those who know how vital the occasion is, they don’t really need to engage in egg hunts or use bunnies as symbols. It’s enough for them to be aware of their freedom from sin and death.

So every time Easter comes, let’s all remember the resurrection of Christ and the mission he has set for us. While it is good to have a bit of fun during the occasion, it’s more important to let ourselves go and ponder on our lives renewed by the act of sacrifice.

And now that Eastertide has passed, we still do need live out whatever we have been commissioned to do—and that is to spread the good news handed down to us by Christ.

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