Artistic Clergy Stoles and Choir Robe: The Best Pair

In the celebration of mass, one may observe that the bishops and the priests who lead the congregation wear a liturgical vestment that is hanged on their shoulders. That vestment is called the stole. At the present time, there are already a number of stoles which can be bought in different shops. Various styles of stoles are now available in many of the shops found online. Anyone may easily browse designs and pictures of artistic clergy stoles on the most-visited and most-trusted church apparel shops online.


For those who may not know what a stole is like, it is a narrow strip of textile like silk which is extensively used by various religious associations in the world. A stole is worn by putting it on the shoulders and letting it hang down in front until it reaches the knees. Stoles have been used by the Western Christianity that includes Roman Catholic, Anglican, Protestant, Lutheran, and Methodists.

It just shows that artistic clergy stoles are worn by various preachers from different religious origins. The stole reflects one’s position or responsibility to spread the word of God and it shows the bonds of the Lord during the Clergy’s passion. The church also assigns some liturgical colors to the stoles which signify what particular religious season is celebrated and what particular service is done. There are also differences among the artistic clergy stoles which can be traced in the design and embroideries on it.

Most of the time clergy stoles are being paired with choir robes. The combination of the clergy stole and the choir robe makes the total look of the vestment look ultimately good and appealing.

As one may notice, during the celebration of masses, choir members also wear robes. The colors of the robes may vary depending on the type of mass that is celebrated during the specific period. Most often, the choir is composed of diverse individuals- diverse in a way that the group may compose of individuals of different gender and age.

As much as the clergy wants to look very much presentable in front of the people during his preaching, the choir group also deserves to look fashionable during the celebration of the mass. That is why these days; there are already a number of available clergy stoles that can be bought in various shops. The shops nowadays do not only create clergy stole designs for older individuals but do also create designs for children. On that note, there are already a number of latest designs for clergy stoles for children that are available in various shops today.

The combination of choir robes which comes in different colors, shapes and sizes and the clergy stoles is surely a great way for a bishop or a priest to look good while having his preaching. In today’s market, anyone may find it difficult to select which robes are to be worn for choirs and which are not. Actually, the designs of the robes also depend on what type of feast is being celebrated and it also depends on the intention of the ones wearing them.

Wanting to look good never comes with age. No matter what age one is in, looking good most specially during the celebration of the mass is very much appropriate. After all, one must be in his/her most presentable look when he/she presents himself/herself to God.



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