Clergy Robes and Capes: a Great Pair

Do you know the very purpose why bishops, priests and other religious leaders wear a robe during a liturgical celebration? It is basically because the robes remind us that the particular people are servants of the Church. The robes also drives away the idea of men about the bishop or priest’s personal life but when people see them wearing the robe, they get reminded of the sacred office where bishops and priests serve. There are many liturgical vestments that bishops and priests wear during religious celebrations. Two of the most common vestments are the clergy robes and capes.

Clergy robes can be paired with other liturgical vestments. A cape is one of those vestments that can be paired with the robe. A cape is a vestment that is fastened around the neck and fall loosely from the shoulders. The cape can be attached to a robe or other garments or can be worn separately. It is also a sleeveless garment that comes in various styles, designs and lengths.

Bishops and priests do not just wear robes for no important reasons. They wear those clergy robes because the robes symbolize their holy duty in the Church. The robe is also worn since it reminds that worshippers that the bishops and priests are the ones who are appointed by God to convey the good words of the Lord. Not only that, robes served as the uniform of the bishops and priests like those of the other professionals who also wear their uniforms. In that sense, when people see bishops and priests wearing the robe, people will not identify them based on their personal identity but people will be reminded of the sacred duty that bishops and priests do.

The robes that clergies which include the bishops and the priests wear have many symbolic meanings. Some of the robe’s most significant meanings state that it manifests solemnity, conveys tradition, solicits reverence and sets the bishops and priests apart from the other congregation. That’s why, when you attend religious celebrations, you may observe that clergies do wear clergy robes and capes.

If you do not know yet what a clergy is, the clergy is the one who serves as the leader in some religions. Depending on the religious traditions, a clergy may either be a pastor, preacher, priest, bishop and other religious members who act as leaders in the rituals during the mass and the ones who take part in spreading the doctrines of the church and practice different religious traditions. In Christianity, there are formal and informal positions where clergies can be identified. That is why Christians have priests, bishops, ministers and deacons.

Indeed, one could say that the vestments that the clergies wear are not just ordinary pieces of clothing. The vestments that they wear including the clergy robes and capes have holy significance and manifest an important tradition in different religious associations. If you are not familiar with the physical look of a clergy robe r if you know someone who looks for clergy robes, do visit The site boasts its roster of first-rate clergy robes and other liturgical vestments and church apparels.
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