Helpful Tips for One’s Brocade Chasubles to Last Longer

Like any other liturgical vestments, the chasuble is considered one of the essential pieces of clothing that a clergy should wear during his preaching. Most commonly, the chasuble is the outermost liturgical vestment worn by a clergy during the celebration of masses and various religious feasts. The chasuble more specifically the brocade chasubles are worn over the alb and stole. Just like the clergy stoles, the chasubles may also vary in color and style depending on what the mass is celebrating.

Since chasubles are essential vestments for the clergies to wear together with the albs and stoles, it is just necessary for these pieces of vestments to last longer by taking good care of the vestments in the best ways possible. To help you achieve a longer-lasting brocade chasuble,

Here are some helpful and essential Tips on properly taking Care of Clergy Chasubles for one to follow:

Place the chasubles in a cool dry place. Apparently, there are chasubles that have designs and decorations which are made of delicate materials. By placing the chasubles in a cool dry place, it will not be exposed to moisture that may damage the chasubles.

Always use lukewarm water when soaking and washing the chasubles. Be mindful of the type of clothing that you are washing. Precautions should be observed when washing the chasubles most specially when there are detachable pieces on the chasuble like sequins and beads that may get damaged when you don’t carefully wash it.

Bleaching the chasuble is not encouraged unless the chasubles have been stained. When chasubles weren't stained at all, it’s best to just wash them with lukewarm water and detergent to stay away from the fading of colors and prints of the garments.

Properly dry press or iron the chasubles. Be mindful of the parts of the chasubles that may wrinkle when ironing them. When heat is applied to garments, it makes them good as new. Just never iron on prints and embroideries.

Finally, refer to the instructions stipulated with the garments. The instructions provide necessary pieces of information on how to properly wash and dry the garments for them to last long and preserve its color and design.

Just like any other vestments that clergies wear during their preaching in masses and other special religious affairs, chasubles are vestments that are of great importance and should be given extra care. For brocade chasubles to achieve its long-lasting quality, one should be mindful as on the steps of properly managing the chasubles. Proper management starts from how the chasubles are worn, how the chasubles are washed and how the chasubles are ironed and folded.

Essentially, the quality of the chasuble may vary depending on the type of cloth used. Most commonly, the vestments that are of greater quality are those that are more expensive. However, one should also consider the notion that any form of vestment would really last-long if the one who uses it knows how to properly use and take good care of it.

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