14 Classic Christening Gift Ideas for Your Godchild

Some parents opt to baptize their Children during the Holiday season to add more cheer and reason to celebrate the jolly season. Being invited to be a godmother or godfather to a child is an honor and (let's admit) we are more than happy to stand as a second parent to these little angels.

Attending a baptismal ceremony empty-handed may not be totally frowned upon, but it is encouraged to give gifts to the child as a loving welcome to his/her formal entry into the Christian world.

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There are so many gift choices that you do not know where to start. We made it easy for you by choosing some of the most popular presents for baptism. Read through but always keep in mind the best Christening gift: your presence.

When Prince George was baptized this year, his aunt gave him a Christening present worth $11,000. The gift is a silver cast that has the little prince’s name and date of birth. Making a baptism special does not have to cost that much though. There are so many baptism gift ideas to choose from. Baby christening outfits are the most popular choice for godparents. It is a classic gift that is always appreciated by parents and will be useful and cherished dearly by the recipient (the baby) when he/she grows up.

There are many other classic presents to choose from and we listed a long one for you:

Bible book cover. A very good way to welcome a baby into the Christian world is with a truly Christian present—the Bible. An illustrated Bible will get children acquainted into the Christian values early in life. You can make this present even more special with a customized book cover. Select a colorful design and have the baby’s name printed on the cover to make it a truly special and personalized gift.

Christening/infant bracelet. There are basic bracelet types you can choose from: fixed, bangle, and semi-bangle. Both bangle and semi-bangle bracelets are usually given to baby girls. It is best to personalize the present with the baby’s name and baptismal date. Locket pendants are also excellent alternate to bracelets. You can buy and customize bracelets from jewelry stores.

Inspirational quotes. A personalized wall sign that have an inspirational quote is another item to consider. It will naturally take years before the baby can appreciate that gift but it is definitely a gift worth keeping. Make sure it comes with customizations though— from the words, to the fonts, colors and etc.

Teddy bear with a personalized shirt. No childhood is complete without a teddy bear. You might as well be the first one to give that ever-so-essential childhood teddy bear. You can make this gift more personal with a customized shirt for the teddy.

Greeting card. Your godchild’s parents will predictably be very busy arranging everything for the baptism. You can definitely extend some help by preparing the greeting cards for them. You will not only make it lighter for the parents, you will also make yourself an even more important part of the occasion. Keep a copy or two for yourself—it’s something you can cherish in the years to come.

Message in a bottle. Sometimes, life lessons are the greatest gift one can ever give to a child. But that child might still be too young to understand or even listen. A “message-in-a-bottle” present will make up for this dilemma. It takes time to make, but it is a truly remarkable keepsake and will be very useful for your godchild in the future.

Angels. Angels are probably the most common Christening gift and they come in many forms. There are angel plaques with biblical verses, cherub pendants, bracelets, and lapel pins. There are even cuddly angel stuffed toys that you can buy in gift shops.

Personalized cutlery for babies. Feeding, weaning, and cutlery presents are generally classic gift ideas for babies. Personalized cutlery paired with personalized bowls still makes a wonderful Christening present.

Baby cup. Just like cutlery, baby cups are a memorable present that has a very practical purpose. Plastic, shatterproof cups work best.

Christening candle. Baptism is an occasion that brings an infant into the light of the Gospel. A Christening candle is an excellent representation of that light that will shine for a lifetime. Candles can be personalized through artsy handicrafts to make them a memento for that special occasion.

Baptism bib. A Christening bib is simply a bib that is personalized to commemorate the baptismal day. There are different fabrics that can be used. Cotton remains the most popular choice as it is often gentle on babies’ tender skin.

Christening quilt. A warm bed cover personalized with the baby’s name and baptismal date is another great choice for a gift. Many online stores sell customizable quilts of good quality.

Keepsake box. Mittens, story booklets, photographs, and other presents can be placed in a keepsake box. You can customize its design with your favorite biblical box or your inspirational quote of choice.

Baby christening outfits. As previously mentioned, this gift never runs out of style. To match the Christening’s motifs, it is best that you discuss this present with the child’s parents.

What you give as a present does matter, but what matters more is your presence on the occasion. Your presence means a lot to the parents than you think. Give your present some thoughts but do not strain yourself too much. Being the child’s spiritual guardian is in itself a very precious gift.

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