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Red Chasubles

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Red Chasuble

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It is customary for a king dressed in his robes of royalty to distinguish himself. It is just as important for Priests to differentiate themselves from others as a go-between God and his creatures by wearing sacred vestments. Chasubles originated in the late Roman Empire often referred to as a “casula” in Latin. Commoners referred to Chasubles as “little house” as it resembles a shelter-like garment for the Priest. They are worn by clergy during service as the outermost liturgical vestment. Full Vestments and Chasubles are predominantly worn in the Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Anglican churches in addition to quite a few of the Methodist churches. 

Churchogers offers these beautiful chasubles in an assortment of everlasting styles and the finest materials. It is the most popular liturgical vestment worn by Roman Catholic priests when officiating Mass while the Lutheran and Anglican wear chasubles to celebrating the Eucharist. Our white chasuble is predominantly worn during Christmas, Easter, and funeral Masses as the color white symbolizes purity and hope. Remember the importance of blessing your chasuble before wearing it for the first time!