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  • Choosing the Right Confirmation Dress

    In the church, confirmation is regarded as one’s coming of age ceremony. A special event for the faithful, confirmation symbolizes your child’s relationship with God and their rite of initiation into the next step of their Christianity. There are a number of things parents should consider when helping their daughter choose the right confirmation dress. At, we know it is important for you to focus on your child’s big day and what it means for her faith, not picking out clothes. That is why we want to share a few helpful tips when choosing dresses for your daughter. Dress Length – As with most church ceremonies and events, modesty is an element of great importance when choosing your attire. Dresses which feature short or cap sleeves are a great choice. Sleeveless dresses and dresses with spaghetti straps can still be options as long as your daughter is willing to wear a shawl or cardigan. Dress Color – The color of your daughter’s dress is important, especially because some churches have rules on colors and designs for the dresses being worn during the ceremony. Due to symbolizing purity, white is the traditional color of confirmation dresses, but other colors such as baby pink or ivory can be acceptable. Always check with your church before purchasing a dress that is a color other than white to confirm it is allowed. Dress Cost – Dresses can be either expensive or affordable, and it is up to you to choose what price range you are willing to shop at. If designer dresses have your eye, there is a good chance it will cost more than most other dresses. Utilizing a store, especially an online store, which deals exclusively with attire for Christian events and ceremonies such as is a great way to find high-quality dresses without going over your designed budget. When choosing a confirmation dress for your daughter, do not forget to take her opinion into account as well. It is her big day and she will be the one wearing the dress throughout the event, so it is important she is wearing a dress that is comfortable to her. offers a variety of confirmation dresses made with high-quality materials and the finest craftsmanship, giving you affordable options without sacrificing customer service or quality. Be sure to check out our full line of confirmation dresses on our website! Continue reading
  • Different Types of Vestments

    The term “vestment” is used to describe special clothing that is worn by the people who are head of the religious community and conduct the worship service. Common types of vestments include: Robes Surplices Albs Cassocks Chasubles Vestments are used almost universally, although in many modern denominations only the choir actually wears vestments. Why are Vestments Worn? Vestments, though evolved, have their origins in the ordinary clothing of the first century. Today, vestments are worn over street clothes and are used to serve a number of practical purposes: Vestments conceal the distractions of modern street clothing Vestments remove the need to define “appropriate attire” for ministers Vestments are meant to remind the congregation that the ministers who are performing the service are not acting on their own, but are performing in their official capacities Clergy Robes   Clergy robes are a special form of vestment that marks clergy who have not attained a doctorate degree or who choose not to wear their doctoral robes. These clergy robes are essentially a modified form of the graduation baccalaureate robe. This is likely due to the fact that graduation robes have evolved from a similar type of robe over time. Clergy robes are also very similar to judicial robes, though they often feature a built-in stole and/or a wide stripe running down both sides of the front. These decorative stripes are often adorned with religious symbols. Vestments and Clergy Robes at If you are looking for a wide variety of clergy robes for your church, is the perfect online store for you. At Churchgoers you can find a wide range of robe options for clergy members, choir members, confirmations, weddings, communions and even christenings. Churchgoers also offers special vestment options including chasubles and albs. One of our most popular option is the simple Plymouth Clergy Robe. This robe greatly resembles a judicial or graduation robe and is the perfect option for those who want a simple yet sophisticated garment. We also offer more adorned options like the Clerical Pulpit Robe which features red embroidered crosses and line detailing on the front. Those who need a specific religious garment, like a chasuble, are in luck! Churchgoers is proud to feature chasubles in a range of colors including white, red, blue, green and purple with detailed embellishment. No matter the type of clergy or other religious robe you need, Churchgoers can offer you a range of options. When you need quality religious garments at a great price, Churchgoers is the place to go. Continue reading
  • The Deal with Choir Robes in Churches

    We often see choirs dressed in robes whenever they’re performing in churches, but we sometimes wonder what’s the significance of robes in such a setting, especially when you merely expect priests and other members of the clergy to wear robes. What exactly is the deal with this and why do robes matter in such a case? Continue reading
  • Vestments During Easter

    Lenten season ends when Easter begins. You may already know this, but liturgical colors of vestments change every time seasons transition. Easter is no different, as the attire of ministers will have to change as well into something different. With regards to the color scheme specifically, it’s really quite noticeable. Continue reading
  • Easter: A Time of Renewal

    Easter. We always associate it with bunnies and eggs. During such time, we celebrate it by conducting egg hunts and a variety of activities. But why exactly are we celebrating on Easter? Why is the occasion important to us? For starters, it is significant when it comes to our faith. The reason why we celebrate Easter is because of Christ’s triumph over death and sin. Upon the mystery of his resurrection, the entire community of devotees were also renewed in the faith. As such, it’s important to celebrate Easter as a day of solemnity. Continue reading

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